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Colour me happy! Free mindfulness colouring-in designs

By USQ 27 Aug 2019

It’s a normal experience as a student to encounter stressful times during intense periods of the semester, but having strategies to help you cope is essential. 


Did you know that colouring in for just 10 minutes can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety? The concentration you use when colouring in can lead to a meditative and more mindful state, contributing to reduced stress levels (Lie, 2017).


While there is more to managing study stress than colouring in, this relaxing and creative activity is a great way to tune out and simply take a break from the rush of everyday life. Want to know the best part about these mindfulness colouring-in resources? They are free for you to download, so you can colour wherever, whenever you like! Your toughest choice will be which design to start with! 
With the help of the amazing creative talents of Bachelor of Creative Arts alumna Laurie, we have created three brand new designs for you to use, whatever your comfort or creativity level may be! If you’re wanting to incorporate an even more mindful mindset into your lifestyle, why not check out one of these handy apps.


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