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Focus on calm: De-stress with a free word finder

By USQ 16 Dec 2019
Doing a word puzzle on your study break might sound a little bit silly, but hear us out. Did you know that puzzle solving is beneficial for stress management as well as developing pattern recognition skills (Gilkey & Kilts, 2007)? Concentrating on affirming and positive words could help you relax and de-stress in between study sessions. Step away from your computer and refresh your mind with one of these free word finder puzzles to boost your study success (Wehrenberg, M., 2018)! If word finders aren't your jam, try one of these free mindfulness colouring-in designs. For more ways to relieve stress at your desk, check this out

Gilkey R. & Kilts C., 2007, Cognitive Fitness, Harvard Business Review, Nov 2007