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wellbeing 15 min read

Mind over matter: 10 apps to keep you in a positive headspace

By USQ 17 Dec 2019

The brain is such a powerful tool and one that we need to use every day! University students consistently have to juggle competing responsibilities and deadlines, so it’s important to keep your brain in a positive and productive headspace. These apps can help you do just that! From monitoring your sleeping patterns so you get a good night’s rest to helping you identify the factors that most effect your happiness, we’ve found the best 10 apps that will keep you feeling positive and productive so you can effectively tackle your daily routines.

While these apps can help you manage your mental health independently, technology should never replace the advice of an expert. If you think it might be time to talk to a healthcare professional, have a conversation with your GP or contact the Health and Wellness Team to set up a free, confidential appointment with one of USQ’s counsellors.